BitMEX offers a Recent Trades section on the Trade page. The Recent Trades list down the latest trades executed in the market. When a new trade matches, it will appear on top of the list in the Recent Trades and push the previous trades down.

Every trade has four columns - price of the trade, quantity, timestamp, and side: 

  • Price displays the price of the last trade. Whenever the last price moves up or down a tick on the market, the trade will have an upward or downward arrow next to it, where green colour means uptick and red - downtick. 
  • Quantity displays the quantity of the trade matched. 
  • Timestamp displays the time when the trade matched. 
  • Side displays the side of the trader, it is B for Buy orders, S - for Sell orders. No B/S would be a settlement.

It is possible to get the exact same trades as in the Recent Trades via our API. Please subscribe to the!/Trade/Trade_get endpoint for that.