Below are the field definitions for the API Key endpoint.

Returned from:




"id": "string", // ID of the API key.

"secret""string", // ID of the secret API key. 

"name": "string"// Name of the API key.

"nonce": 0, // This scheme is no longer supported. The nonce scheme will still be valid for generating signatures used to authenticate with the API.  

"cidr": "string", // IP Restriction feature - To restrict to a single address. Leave blank or set to to allow all IPs.  Only one block may be set. 

"permissions": [], // Key permissions. All keys can read margin and position data. Additional permissions must be added. Available: order, orderCancel, withdraw. 

"enabled": false, // Set to true to enable this key.

"userId": 0, // Unique user ID.

"created": "2020-09-14T02:04:59.423Z" // Date and time that the key was created. 



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