Depositing Bitcoin (symbol:XBT) on BitMEX is relatively straight forward. BitMEX only accepts Bitcoin as a deposit currency. If you send anything other than Bitcoin to your deposit address, it will be unrecoverable. 

1. After successfully logging in to BitMEX, you will land on the trading page. Click on the 'Account' tab on the top left-hand side of your trading screen.  

2. On your account screen, select 'Deposit' on the left-hand side of the screen. 

3. Copy your deposit address by clicking 'Copy to Clipboard' button in the middle of the screen (or by scanning the QR code if your wallet/exchange provides that option). We highly recommend against manually typing this address out. 

In order to see your deposit address, your account must be verified. If you are unsure how to verify your account, please see our support article here.

Please note that ALL BitMEX deposit addresses start with either 3BMEX or bc1qmex. If you see anything different, it is likely you may have malware on your device and you should contact support immediately. 

4. Paste the address into the withdrawal field of the exchange or wallet software where you are currently storing your Bitcoin and submit the withdrawal. 

The deposit will be credited to your account after one network confirmation. You can check the status of your transaction by searching your deposit address on any blockchain explorer.