The built-in trading chart (by TradingView) can be a valuable tool in your trading arsenal, the trading chart enables you to visualise your current positions and open orders. By default, the BitMEX chart comes with an overlay of the .BXBT index (purple) and a volume indicator. The trading chart plots the last price of the specific asset, not to be confused with mark price, which liquidations are based on. 

How to customise the trading chart

To customise your chart, click the settings button in the top bar of the chart. This will enable you to change the appearance of the chart, make adjustments to the scales and select a timezone. The bar along the top also gives you the ability to change the time interval, add trading indicators and overlay additional trading instruments. Like with any parts of the trading page, you can resize and move the chart widget around to suit your needs. 

Adding Indicators

To add indicators to your trading chart, click on the indicator icon next to the settings button at the top of the chart. Doing so will bring up TradingView’s built-in set of indicators.

Finding the drawings toolbar

The drawing toolbar may show up if your chart is large enough, if not, right-click anywhere on the chart background to bring up the menu. Navigate to drawing tools and select “Drawings Toolbar”. The drawings toolbar gives you the ability to draw trendlines, add Fibonacci extensions and much more.

Viewing Liquidations on the chart

You can see where liquidation orders are being sold in real-time on the trading chart. To do so, right-click on the chart’s background and navigate to “Enable Liquidation Display”. From this point on, liquidations will show up on the chart, this does not include past/historical liquidations.

Troubleshooting the trading chart

If things don’t look right or you are having issues with your trading chart, please try the following troubleshooting steps: 

  1. Reset your chart by right-clicking on the background and navigating to “reset chart”. Please note, resetting the chart will restore the chart to its default and remove any drawings or indicators that you may have.
  2. Clear the chart storage. You can do this using this link under the "Debug" section:
  3. Clear your cookies, cache and storage for