Yes, you may withdraw, but ensure that you have a minimum balance of USDT 250 in your account. Refer to the calculation and examples below for reference.

Original Deposits + positive Realised PnL - Withdrawals >= USDT 250

Scenario 1: I deposit USDT 250 and make a trade, but on 9 December 23:59 UTC, my balance is USDT 230 (i.e. PnL of -USDT 20)

In this case, you are eligible to receive the rebate as you did not make any withdrawals. 

Scenario 2: I deposit USDT 250 and make a trade with a realised PnL of USDT 200. With USDT 450 in my account, I withdrew USDT 300.

In this case, your minimum balance is USDT 150 (250 + 200 - 300), and you do not qualify for the rebate.