You must first complete your account verification before you can start depositing supported crypto to your BitMEX account. 

To deposit crypto:

  1. Log in to your BitMEX account on the BitMEX mobile app

  2. Go to Portfolio and tap Deposit

  3. Acknowledge the important information on correct coin and network then tap  to proceed

  4. Select crypto to deposit (if needed) and please ensure the correct network is selected (i.e. XBT is being used as a reference in the screenshots above)

  5. Retrieve your wallet address

    • Tap Copy to copy the address to your clipboard and paste it to the platform where you intend to withdraw from; OR

    • Tap Save image to export the QR code image. You will need to grant the BitMEX mobile app the permission to save images to your photo album; OR

    • Scan the QR code directly with the platform’s mobile app.

  6. On the platform where you intend to withdraw from, review the withdrawal details including but not limited to:

    • Valid withdrawal address is provided (the address you copied from BitMEX);

    • Correct coin and transacting network are selected (i.e. based on the screenshots above it should be XBT or BTC as the coin and Bitcoin as the transacting network);

    • Any applicable fees and minimum withdrawal amount.

  7. After the required number of confirmations has been processed, an email notification about the successful deposit will be sent to the registered email.

Note: The figures in the screenshots above are all indicative and for reference only.