You must first complete your account verification and set up 2-factor authentication (2FA).

Once account verification is completed and 2FA is enabled, you can start withdrawing supported crypto(s) from your BitMEX account. To withdraw crypto:

  1. Make sure you have logged in to your BitMEX account on the BitMEX mobile app

  2. Go to Portfolio and tap Withdraw

  3. Select an address from your address book as the withdrawal destination. If there are no saved addresses, you will need to add your withdrawal address before you can proceed

  4. Input the amount you wish to withdraw then tap Continue. Kindly note that network fee is part of your total debit amount

  5. Review your withdrawal attempt, then tap Confirm if the details are correct

  6. Enter your 2FA code to confirm your withdrawal, then tap Confirm again. You can retrieve this 6-digit verification code from your authenticator app

  7. Depending on your address configuration, you may need to complete email verification for this withdrawal attempt if you didn’t opt out from email confirmation

Note: The figures in the screenshots above are all indicative and for reference only.