You must first complete your account verification before you can start converting crypto.

To convert crypto:

  1. Log in to your BitMEX account on the BitMEX mobile app

  2. Go to Convert crypto from navigation bar

  3. Configure the conversion pair by choosing the currencies you want to convert with

  4. Enter the amount you want to convert from or convert to by selecting Pay or Receive respectively

    • If you have selected Pay, you can review your available balance and also tap Max to fill the input amount with all your available balance quickly

  5. Tap Request quote to get a quote of the latest price for this conversion

    • The quote will be locked for 10 seconds before expiring, so please review the price and related details before the quote expires

  6. Tap Confirm to submit your conversion request with the provided quote, and a success message will appear if the conversion was successful 

Note: The figures in the screenshots above are all indicative and for reference only.