As a security measure on BitMEX trading platform, we require users to enable 2FA (2-factor authentication) for all withdrawals and API key creations. Once 2FA is enabled, it will also be applicable for account login.

To enable 2FA for your account:

  1. Have your third party authenticator app ready

    • We recommend Google Authenticator and Authy. Download and install the authenticator app from the App Store or Google Play

  2. Log in to your BitMEX account on the BitMEX mobile app

  3. Retrieve the 16-digit unique authenticator key

    • Copy the key and paste it onto your authenticator app to set up; OR

    • Use your authenticator app to scan the QR code directly

Note: This 16-digit key is unique for each 2FA set up and will not be shown again. You will need the same key to rebind your account; otherwise, 2FA will need to be disabled and enabled again. 

  1. Retrieve the 6-digit code generated by your authenticator app and paste onto the BitMEX mobile app

  2. Tap Confirm to submit your 2FA set up request

Kindly note that a 24-hour withdrawal lock will be in effect if you update 2FA configurations after 7 days of your account registration. During the lock period, you won’t be able to withdraw or transfer crypto out of your account.

Note: The figures in the screenshots above are all indicative and for reference only.