Law Enforcement Information Requests

This portal is for law enforcement and government agencies to submit information requests. If you are not a law enforcement or government official, please email with your enquiry.

The information provided here is for reference only. It does not create any obligation or commitment by BitMEX to take any specific action, respond to any request or disclose any account information. BitMEX does not waive and expressly reserves all available rights and objections.

All requests must be addressed to HDR Global Trading Limited, the owner and operator of BitMEX, and submitted via the form on the following page using an official law enforcement or government email address. Requests submitted with a private email address will be disregarded. We expect requests to be made by way of subpoena, summons, court order or other similar legal process. If a request is not in English, please provide a notarised translation together with the request. Requests must be clearly defined and explain why the requested information is required. Where possible, account identifiers should be provided in text format (e.g. email address, blockchain transactions/tx/hash ID, or blockchain address).

BitMEX takes the privacy of its users seriously and is committed to protecting it as described in our Privacy Notice. We review all requests for authenticity, apparent validity and legal sufficiency with reference to our Terms of Service and applicable law and regulations and will object where appropriate.

If you accept the above-mentioned conditions, you may proceed to the Law Enforcement Portal by clicking the button below, which will redirect to a form to submit your request.